DevMeeting 2016-03-05

Submitted by aerbax on Sat, 03/05/2016 - 16:35
  • Merging DB related pull requests by warptangent and hyc in the next few hours.
  • Already merged: Unit tests, threading fixes, minor other stuff
  • Hyc added read and write cursors to the DB operations to speed stuff up.
  • DB changes will likely require a migration when code is more steady-state
  • Discussion about fees related to block size. Looking into other coins and further research.
  • net_skeleton research. Looking for a library compatible with the Monero license
  • Warptangent is working with Shen Noether on RingCT
  • Ongoing RingCT discussion regarding Fixed vs Floating point being a better solution
  • RingCT discussions will be created on the official forum.
  • "Mixin" will likely change names in 1.0
  • NoodleDoodle has received interest from Trezor to merge the code upstream - making it (semi?)-offically supported.
  • MoneroMooo will be updating the dev branch after 0.9.2 is released.