DevMeeting 2016-03-19

Submitted by aerbax on Sat, 03/19/2016 - 16:34
  • Release: 0.9.2 pushed out this week, but still has some lingering ReadTXN issues that hyc is working on.
  • Release: Probably a new point release this coming Monday. May incorporate the ReadTXN fixes, which will manifest as a database speedup.
  • WIN32: hyc has also published a "How to build Monero on win32" guide at:
  • Database: LMDB has replaced BDB as the default database - including on 32bit and ARM.
  • Plugins: This is something the devs want to do going forward, but the central question is "How do you handle security/trust?". Perhaps modelling after Electrum?
  • Plugins: Perhaps a subfolder that includes code that gets compiled during a standard Monero compile.
  • Plugins: Would allow for interpreted languages such as Lua, Python, Ruby...
  • Plugins: Further conversation needs to be taken to the forum. Lot's of great ideas and we need to discuss them.
  • Wallet RPC: Set default mixin to 2.
  • GUI: Ilya working on some Wallet2 API stuff. At the moment there is some duplication of code, so devs are waiting to see where this goes. But not for too long.
  • Hardfork: Block #1009827 . Everyone is excited and will likely be awake for it. :)