DevMeeting 2016-04-24

Submitted by aerbax on Sun, 04/24/2016 - 16:33
  • Discussion about bug #810 (caching block template in the pool code) -
    • General concensus is that the current method is not ideal, but then again, it may not be such a performance penalty. This will need testnet before/after metrics
  • Some general discussion on #811 - fixes a compile issue for unit testing.
  • Mixed discussion on multiple github issues...Not much to detail for non-devs.
  • #794: Hyc has some code that will speed up wallet refreshes when restoring a wallet.
    • Discussion regarding how this might appear to lock things up for the end user. There should be some sort of notification that this is taking place and that some/all transactions may not happen until the refresh finishes.
    • This will likely be a 0.9.x point release rather than 0.10.x
    • And speaking of which, things like this need to be better communicated to end users who may not be reading release notes.
  • 0mq left for discussion at the next dev meeting.
  • RingCT is still up in the air. A potential collaboration between MoneroMooo and Hyc