DevMeeting 2016-07-03

Submitted by aerbax on Sun, 07/03/2016 - 16:31
  • Reapplied for Open Technology Fund for the Monero Kovri(I2P) project. The request has been received and we're waiting for pass/fail before the next round begins.
  • Github #754: (TX Split) Closing due to fixes/changes in the RingCT branch
  • Github #80: This involves renaming internal stuff to more "Monero" centric names. Should be rebased and merged soon.
  • There's a huge pull request for the wallet2_api that's been rebased against the master and will probably be merged soon. This code will be used to support the GUI.
  • No updates on ZeroMQ(0MQ)
  • RingCT is steadily progressing.
    • Tests and fixes.
    • Sweeping uses RingCT.
    • Better output selection.
    • Shen is working on some sybil resistant upgrades.
    • We could use some white-hat security folks reviewing the rct-rptest branch