DevMeeting 2016-08-14

Submitted by aerbax on Sun, 08/14/2016 - 16:30

This meeting focused mainly on RingCT, mixin 4, and hard fork dates.[ ]

  • First, MoneroMooo has submitted a PR for RingCT. It's going to be quite a while before "normal" users have access to this, but once "merged" it lowers the barrier to entry for those that want to test it. RingCT may be merged into Master for testing as early as next weekend.
  • A bunch of discussion about RingCT and how it may affect when we hardfork. When initially detailing Monero's hardfork schedule, it was stated that we could deviate from it for things like RingCT - or anything else - we want to remain flexible. So, we could accelerate the schedule, but it shouldn't be so accelerated that we introduce terrible bugs or vulnerabilities. With NO acceleration, the schedule looks like this:
    • Currently, we are on HF 2, and tx version 1 is the only one that exists.
    • At HF 3 (september 2016 on mainnet), pretty much nothing changes.
    • At HF 4 (march 2017), rct txes (v2 txes) are allowed.
    • At HF 5 (september 2017), v1 txes are disallowed, except for sweep_unmixable. (Though the last bit (sweep_unmixable) might be unnecessary, I'm unsure.)
  • A default Mixin of 4 will likely "go live" at the same time RingCT does. Or maybe not. But it might. But possibly not.