DevMeeting 2016-08-28

Submitted by aerbax on Sun, 08/28/2016 - 16:29

RingCT[ ]

  • Now in post-review and ready to merge.
  • May be pushed to TestNet this week.
  • Testnet will run for a while to allow for developing improvements.

GUI[ ]

  • Main dev has been out this week.
  • Bug fixes next week, perhaps a beta release in two weeks.
  • Tewinget may begin work on a plugin system.

ZeroMQ[ ]

  • All daemon RPC calls related to the wallet are done.
  • The wallet is ready to use the new daemon RPC library.
  • The daemon RPC has its own library now, rather than making network calls.
  • Todo: Command line flags, add parameters to port binding options, and documentation.
  • tewinget would like some additional testing by people other than himself.

Monero .10[ ]

  • Beta binaries may happen in the next week.
  • Will be called Wolfram Wolftangent - in honor of the Monero developer "Warptangent" who passed away.

Upcoming MainNet Forks[ ]

  • September(v3) will proceed as normal.
  • v4(RingCT available) may be as early as October 2016
  • v5(RingCT always on) may be as early as December.
  • Those dates represent rough guesses, and will change based on testing and user feedback.

Trezor/Hardware Devices[ ]

  • NoodleDoodle continues their work.
  • Keepkey, Ledger Blue, Nano S devices are being looked into. Or not. Or maybe just a little.

Administrivia[ ]

  • Internal repo and code changes from bitmonero to monero