DevMeeting 2016-10-02

Submitted by aerbax on Sun, 10/02/2016 - 16:29

Overview[ ]

  • 0.10.0 release went smoothly - except for some minor Boost library issues.
  • A reminder that RingCT is live on the testnet and could use more testers.
  • Buildbots are working nicely. You can watch the status in the #monero-bots channel on IRC(Freenode)
  • dEBRUYNE and medusa are working to fix Monero-core GUI's open issues.
    • Medusa is not aware of any outstanding major issues - suggests merging into master, testing some more, and building beta binaries.
    • A beta will expand the testing field.
    • Monero will get a 0.10.x point release to go with the GUI.
    • Soon(™)


Bonus Kovri notes[ ]

  • Transport and Client improvements
  • Logo work:
  • Salti, a Firefox extension ala "Tor Browser Bundle":
  • Discussion on how to handle addressbooks.
  • Interoperability discussion with the Monero API
    • Need to better define the requirements for Kovri <-> Monero.
    • Likely using the Kovri/I2P C++ API (streaming).
    • How to find available Monero peers without bootstrapping (current: DNS)?
      • Mooo suggests multicast, but that may not be available in I2P for years.
      • I2P addresses could be stored in the same DNS records, but using a TXT field.