DevMeeting 2016-10-16

Submitted by aerbax on Sun, 10/16/2016 - 16:28

Development guidelines[ ]

  • No random whitespace changes interspersed with other changes
  • Sensible commit message (ie, no "update wallet.cpp")
  • Properly rebased patches (ie, if you authored three patches in a PR, don't send 20 patches from someone else at the same time, so "git rebase master" first)

GUI[ ]

  • Medusa really wants people to build and test the GUI. Instructions/Howto
  • Building has been going fine.
  • Minor issue on Windows with hardware acceleration(won't run if disabled). Potentially affects Virtual machines, Windows Server, or very weird configurations.
  • Luigi and ArticMine to test on Monday(Oct 17). If all goes well, a beta release may be imminent.
  • Translations going into transifex this week. en_US default for now.

Code Documentation[ ]

  • There was a lengthy discussion of how and where documentation should be placed. "inline with the code", Doxygen, and better use of the wiki were discussed.