DevMeeting 2016-10-30

Submitted by aerbax on Sun, 10/30/2016 - 16:27

Due to a time mixup the meeting was a little more informal today.  So, up first are some dev related notes gathered from some Monero discussion forums:

The "dynamic fee" code has a pull request:

A quick description of the upcoming "Fluffyblocks":

  • <moneromooo> It's just sending txes from a block only if a peer doens't have them already.
  • <malmen> Hmmmm, so, instead of sending all tx the block will contain only the reference of the tx that is in another block?
  • <nanoakron> No, reference to the local mempool
  • <revler1082> no, it just sends the tx hashes, and since most nodes have the transactions in the mempool, it just gets the full tx from there
  • <nanoakron> And if it’s not in there then you receive the missing Tx
  • <revler1082> if it's missing any, it'll ask for those

cryptimus prime on bitcointalk <a href="">posted a nice reminder </a>of what we're getting with RingCT in January, and how it compares to Zerocash/Zcash:

Ring CT protocol allows hidden amounts, origins, and destinations for transactions which is somewhat similar to Zerocash [BSCG+14]. One possible differentiator is that the use of proof of work for coin generation is possible with Ring CT as opposed to in ZeroCash, where it seems all coins must be pregenerated by a trusted group


After the Kovri meeting, the Monero devs reassembled and discussed some crypto library stuff

  • Potentially integrating TweetNaCL for some of the cryptographic functions.




  • New contributor: olark .  Welcome!
  • Kovri logo...finalized?  Probably yes.
  • The Firefox extension...should it be a XUL extension if XUL is going to be deprecated?  Can it be done in WebExtensions?
  • How should I2PControl/qtoopie be integrated into the GUI?
    • [anonimal] tl;dr qtoopie is great. We won't be using qtoopie in lib or bundled form because of severe limitations in i2pcontrol. We will be using GUI controls via the kovri API(s).
    • [EinMByte] What is important to understand is that I2PControl is intended to create high-level control programs
    • [EinMByte] It isn't designed to deal with lower-level configuration that monero might need