DevMeeting 2016-11-13

Submitted by aerbax on Sun, 11/13/2016 - 16:26

Quick summary[ ]

  • Github
  • "Fluffyblocks"
    • "live" for any recently compiled source version. See below regarding an upcoming point release.
    • "It reduces block transmission and reduplication, reducing overall network traffic and 'burstiness'"
  • GUI
    • <Jaquee> We've made great progress last couple of weeks. A lot of great contributions and inputs from new people. Great to see!
    • <Jaquee> All critical issues i know of are fixed and we have a very good looking, working gui with all basic functionality in place.
    • <Jaquee> I believe next step is building binaries to make it possible for more people to test it
    • <Jaquee> Since the 0.10 daemon isnt compatible with gui we also need to make sure we have a working monerod build to release with the gui.
    • <@fluffypony> we'll try couple that with a new 0.10 point release
    • <@fluffypony> so it will take a couple of days to wrap up a point release too