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What makes Monero so special?

  • Monero is a privacy first currency. You have to "opt-out" to have transparency. Other privacy focused coins are opt-in - which can lead to accidental exposure.
  • Monero is Fungible
  • Monero does not use mixing or tumbling to gain its privacy. It uses cryptographically secure "Ring Signatures".
  • Monero is a very active Open Source project managed on Github. We are welcoming to new users regardless of your talents - including non-programmers.
  • Monero does not require a "trusted setup" such as zCash.
  • Monero does not use a "Masternode" system like Dash. You do not have to send your coins through any specific system to gain total privacy.
  • Monero has a dynamic block size.
  • Monero forks ~twice a year. This allows for more features and less contention.
  • Monero had a fair launch and has a "tail emission". There will always be an incentive for miners.
  • Monero is truly private, there is no "rich list".
  • Monero's primary use-case is to protect the privacy of citizens from intrusive governments and prying neighbors. It does not exist to promote illegal activities. It exists to enable Freedom to those that may not otherwise have access.

All of that said, I do not want you to purchase Monero before researching it further. I personally believe that Monero offers the best privacy of any available coin. But you need to research and ask questions. Below are some great places to start. The Reddit and StackExchange links are best suited for questions.

One Minute Introductory Video

Five Minute Introductory Video