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Answer #1[ ]

Ring CT protocol allows hidden amounts, origins, and destinations for transactions which is somewhat similar to Zerocash [BSCG+14]. One possible differentiator is that the use of proof of work for coin generation is possible with Ring CT as opposed to in ZeroCash, where it seems all coins must be pregenerated by a trusted group ~~cryptimus prime on BitcoinTalk

Answer #2[ ]

From: http://monero.stackexchange.com/questions/95/what-is-ringct-and-how-does-it-compare-to-confidential-transactions

RingCT is based on the Confidential Transactions research you cited (combined with ring signatures)

RingCT just like Confidential Transactions hides the amount of each transaction. Unlike Confidential Transactions, RingCT will also make the payments unlinkable.

Confidential Transactions include a cryptographic proof that the sum of the input amounts is the same as the sum of the output amounts, without revealing the actual numbers. You are still able trace which address sent and received BTC.

RingCT protects the privacy of more than just the transaction amounts. Monero transactions are already untraceable thanks to ring signatures and unlinkable thanks to stealth addresses. There are also plans to use I2P to protect IP address with the Kovri C++ router project.